Make every seconds memorable…. after all you are the protagonist of your story.



You can’t change your past..

But you can always make your future.

Never stop working hard, hard work always pay off…



Everyday is wonderful,

Just put your little efforts to make it sure.



India – famous for its fairs and celebrations is all set to host the biggest festival of nation – Durga Puja. Mostly celebrated in Eastern India, this festival brings merry atmosphere throughout the nation.

Goddess Durga kills Mahishasura, this festival symbolizes victory over evil. It recognises her triumph. People worship goddess Durga for prosperity and we’ll being in life.

Pandals are made where Ma Durga stays with her family and is worshipped.

This year, fear of Covid 19 has stopped celebration of every festival. We are literally living inside home since March 2020. And it’s obvious we might lose our control since it’s the fedtifes which we celebrate with all pomp and grandeur. And our reckless driving can only surge cases . So to tackle everything, Pujo Committees have opted for Pandal Hopping, thus stopping hordes of people from roaming.

Pandal hopping or Pujo Parikrama as we say in Bengal is one of those beautiful things that no people want to miss if you are in Kolkata during Durga Puja. Wearing new dress, sporting new shoe which will eventually give blisters on walking incessantly without break has charm of its kind.

From Little kids, wearing shoes that’s making noise on every step marching with family to old man walking with son’s hand not complaining about being tired after walkuwa miles is a scene that Kolkata witnesses every year this time. It has a different feeling which no words can define.

This year Pujo Committee like Santosh Mitra Square, Debdaru Fatak have asked revellers to login their YOUTUBE channel to enjoy the rituals virtually. Also this way they can catch glimpse of Ma Durga safely without coming in contact with anyone.

Many Pandals are initiating drive through viewing.

From open air pandals to virtual Pandal , let’s celebrate this NEW NORMAL DURGAPUJA with grace and peace.


Pandemic Article Thought of the day


Recently, we observed WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY, a day that has been created to raise awareness of mental health issues all around the world.

This year, this day came into our lives when we are already struggling with the dismal routine credited by Covid 19 pandemic. We are working with the challenges brought into our lives due to the pandemic.

People are working from home, elders have been locked inside given the situation. All of us are juggling in this new normal world, trying to cope with it in one form or other.

But who’s counting the plight of the kids, who are sharing this same boredom like us, given they don’t know how to handle it.

When asked what’s the best memory of your life, our answer is our SCHOOL DAYS. We still miss our bags loaded with books, and copies, waiting eagerly for recess break so that we can play with our friends. Sharing Tiffin, getting scared of teacher who is in a mood of surprise test.

No matter how many years passes by, this MEMORIES are to stay forever.

Due to the uncontrollable circumstances, and lack of ANY solutions students have been forced to take lessons from home. With their teachers appearing from screen, so zero physical contact, they are learning….

This is not their only misery. Other than reading from monitors, they also couldn’t go outside to play. The emotional pressure the kids are going through is beyond imagination.

Elders can share their grief, but this little hearts , lacks the word to sketch their grief. On the other hand, parents are entangled in the situation of Pandemic. This “work from home” has made jobs difficult with no set schedule. As a result, to save job, the kids are being deprived given the relationship taken for granted.

Parks which used to be playground for them have been locked since the onset of Pandemic. Even if they are opening now, kids are not allowed to roam outside.

This is becoming tough for them, with each passing day.Measures need to take in this hour. From arranging small playtime among kids of same apartment (families which are healthy, and free of virus), to taking them out for a stroll in the wee hours of morning, it’s time to make them smile again. They should know they are not alone.

Talk to them often, play with them when you are free, make them happy.

This time, hold hands of your loved ones and stand for each other.






Few days back, a video stirred up at social media platforms, highlighting plights of an elderly couple struggling to meet their ends in this crisis hour. Their ordeal caught eyes of a man whose little initiative made a big difference.

It’s time to now to promote people who lost their hope amid this hour, from suffering in business to losing jobs, they need our empathy to strive again.

Purchase veggies from the local vegetable seller who after so many months has now finally managed to set his stall, your small approach can make his day.

Don’t hesitate to buy from those people who couldn’t afford to pay for advertisement, can only ask you to buy from them.

Your small support can make a family happy.


Inspirational quote Quotes Thought of the day


Life is full of surprises…

Make sure to count every moment



While the whole nation is busy snowballing every possibilities regarding death probe of a Bollywood superstar , the margin of HAVES and HAVE NOTS is making a huge gap.

This pandemic beside damaging physical and mental health, is hitting hard on the economic balance as well. The economic crisis that has baffled the economic class, is fuelling the rich in becoming richer.

India always tops the chart of inequality – from gender to caste to communal , inequality prevails in economy as well.

Most of the news channel busy debating over innocence of Rhea Chakraborty, engaging in verbal fight of politicians, the crashing economy thats harming lives of middle class people is been ignored by all.

None of the channel is showing those people who lost their job in this hour of crisis. When the billionaires are filling their pocket with more billions, those uncountable sweat drops that’s earning those billions are getting removed every day.

Why the world always ignores the tear and gets busy in clapping instead?

When the boy next door is struggling to get a job to support his family, but gets rejected ,or settles with a meagre amount, struggles every day to work out with the situation, instead of motivating him, we didn’t even share a glance with the poor soul. We are busy, busy over a celeb who has been dragged in a drug scandal.

Our country’s economic condition is not important, but spitting over some celebrity, judging his/her character is a very interesting as well as important topic to discuss. This gibberish is going to solve our problems.

As the poor and deoridep class are being deprived more and more, the only thing that’s going to born from this misery is bitterness – bitterness which will bring violence.

Covid -19, this uninvited guest who is not leaving even after being cursed million times, has made people more weak. From being a vast sea, we are now tiny droplets who needs courage. Courage- to face this world, where no one is in mood of cooperation, to fight with the cruelty that has taken birth silently and eyeing an irreparable damage.

Quotes Thought of the day


Don’t lose hope over someone who never valued you.

Because the right person will make you shine even in your dark hours.