Naruto – One of the longest running Japanese Anime talks a lot about life lessons.

The series open at an academy where Naruto can be seen struggling with his jutsu techniques. He has no friends and he is alone at home too. Soon his life takes a turn when he graduates and starts training under Kakashi and befriends Sasuke and Sakura. He becomes dedicated to his training. Together with his team he takes part in several mission.

He evolves as a Ninja. And his never give up attitude makes him win in his exams. No matter how many times he fell, he stands up again and gave a nerve wrecking fight to his every nemesis. From Neji to Kiba, he defeats everyone in Chunin exams.

The story marks his evolution- journey of a loner to a leader. Journey of a boy who was abandoned by his village to a boy applauded by everyone.

His dream is to become Hookage. And with his hard work and chakras he emerged as a true leader in his village.

This anime gives several life lessons throughout the series. Also there are many humour that’s going to knock you right.

Few episodes bit lengthy, other than that it’s an awesome series to watch for.

Streaming on Netflix.

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