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Wrapped in a blanket of emotion, delivered with endless drama, this movie is about a genius Indian mathematician or specifically Woman mathematician, regarded as Human Computer by the world.

Anu Menon’s story puts light on the REAL LIFE of Shakuntala Devi. The lady,astonishing prowess with numbers amazes her audience with her unexplained wit.

The movmovie opens in London, on a dramatic note, prosthetic clad Vidya Balan as aged Shakuntala Devi all up against her only daughter Anupama Banerji.

The story soon shifts to little Shakuntala, not in any regular school, living with parents and sister Sharda. Shakuntala does maths show around the city and earns for her family. But everything changes when ill sister suddenly demises. She put the entire blame on her mother who stays silent no matter what happens.

Shakuntala Devi grows up, a woman in saree, with plaids starts mesmerizing people with her inexplicable skills. Soon an incident deports her to London.

Shakuntala Devi, the woman who had evolved on every phase of her life on her own, who has shown she doesn’t need anyone.

But the story does not highlight the genius only but also put light on the woman who bursts into jealousy when she finds that the first word uttered by her daughter is “Papa”. She even frames her husband to promote her work. She feels scared, she hurts others and is obcessed over her prowess with numbers.

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Vidya Balan in and as Shakuntala Devi made the role her own. She slipped into the shoes of the genius with such effervescence that you will forget if it’s Vidya Balan or Shakuntala Devi herself. Jisshu Sengupta as Paritosh Banerji, Sanya Malhotra as the vulnerable daughter and Amit Sadh as the obedient Son-in-law, all made the family frame just perfect.

Rating -4/5


the film was more from the daughters perspective and I kinda hated how only her flaws were glorified! But yeah as you said, Vidya was top notch.

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